Bio products Santa Cecilia

Product features


Each monovarietal is distinguished by some organoleptic characteristics typical of the single cultivar:

Fruttato delicato (Delicate fruity)
Oil with a delicate fruity taste obtained with Ogliarola olives. Ideal for typical dishes of the Mediterranean diet. Perfect on fish and legume dishes.

Fruttato medio (Medium fruity)
Oil with a fruity herbaceous taste with hints of green tomato obtained from the Peranzana variety. The taste has a good balance between bitter and spicy. Excellent on pinzimonio, vegetables and raw salads.

Fruttato intenso (Intense fruity)
Oil with an intense fruity taste, obtained with Coratina variety olives. Intense spicy taste with light bitter notes. Ideal for dishes with a strong taste, with roasts, bruschetta and soups.




Product features

The high specialization of Agricola Brothers srls in organic extra virgin olive oil under the “SANTA CECILIA” brand allows us to offer a product of excellence both for organoleptic and nutritional characteristics, always guaranteeing the consumer through the traceability of the entire supply chain, from land to the table.
The production is entirely carried out within 24 hours. The olives are mechanically pressed within the day, with the simple pressure and crushing of the fruit, without chemical-physical manipulations, thus maintaining all the properties of the fruit unaltered.
Organic EVO oil uses a blend of 3 organic monovarietals. The more than 4 thousand olive trees on the estate are divided into the following cultivars: Coratina, Peranzana, Ogliarola

The Company and the Territory

The estate is located in the heart of the Tavoliere delle Puglie, spread over two land bodies in the countryside of Foggia and in the countryside of Troia, in the “Posta Nuova” area. The composition of the land – partly flat and partly hilly – has extraordinary physical-chemical and agronomic characteristics and is characterized by good grain, structure and composition.

The Azienda Agricola Brothers srls takes its first steps in 2015 in a land with a strong agricultural vocation, the Tavoliere delle Puglie, to produce, transform and distribute agricultural products according to the organic method codified by community legislation (EX REG. CEE 2078/92 and REG. CE 834/2007).

The company manages 12 hectares of olive groves and 3 hectares of arable land. The entire olive and cereal production is organic certified by the “Soil and Health” Association.

The real excellence of Agricola Brothers srls is the organic extra virgin olive oil under the “SANTA CECILIA” brand, the production of which is entirely carried out in the company while the transformation and bottling is entrusted to certified organic mills in the immediate vicinity.

The Company has asked to participate in the “Products of Puglia” area trademark, a collective community trademark that guarantees the origin of the product (raw material and processing) from the Puglia region.

 Supply chain traceability

The Agricola Brothers srls company adheres to a site for the traceability of the supply chain.

Each customer can join through the link: On this site it will be possible, through the lot number shown on the label or on the collar, to trace the soil and also the olives that have allowed the production of “Santa Cecilia” extra virgin olive oil whose supply chain traceability is sought.